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  • Colief UK 15ml 3D BLANK L

    Colief® Infant Drops

    When nature needs a helping hand

    Your little one’s excessive crying could be due to temporary lactose sensitivity, a temporary inability to fully digest the lactose in milk. When added to breast milk or infant formula Colief® Infant Drops reduce the lactose content making the milk easier to digest.

    " Amazing stuff. Really helped my daughter. She had colic & really bad reflux but Colief helped. Everyone I recommended it to says the same. - Susan Grice "

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  • baby-oil2Colief® Baby Scalp Oil

    Treat it gently with Colief Baby Scalp Oil

    New Colief Baby Scalp Oil contains Rosehip oil, Chamomile and Vitamin E and is formulated to gently moisturise and soothe your baby’s skin and scalp.

    " Fantastic product that really works and not just on the scalp! It also works on patches of dry and rough skin, not just on baby.. But mummy too!! Xx " - Jemma Cornah

    " Cradle cap free house due to Baby Scalp oil - happy heads all around! Great on dry sensitive skin- love it! ”- Jeanne Dowling

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  • vit d homeColief® Vitamin D3 Drops

    Specially formulated for Infants and Young Children

    Vitamin D contributes to the normal development of bones and teeth in infants and young children.

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    Colief Mum To Be sizedColief®Mum To Be Moisturising Cream

    Special Care for Special Bumps

    New Colief Mum To Be Cream, a unique blend of rich plant oils and essential vitamins to nourish and care for skin both during pregnancy and beyond.

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