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Infant Colic Drops for Excessive Crying Relief | Colief

Your little one's excessive crying, known as colic, may be due to a temporary lactose intolerance known as transient lactase deficiency (TLD). With one in five babies affected by colic; you're not alone in your search for a colic solution that works. Colief® Infant Drops is the only colic solution with published research demonstrating that it safely reduces colic-related crying time by 45% when caused by this temporary lactose intolerance, which causes discomfort from bloating and gas.

How do you know if your colicky baby has TLD (approximately 40% of infants have this condition)? To check, you can try adding Colief to your baby's milk (breast or formula) and you'll know within 48 hours if trouble digesting milk is the cause of the colic, as you should see a reduction in crying time.

Colief Infant Drops is THE ONLY colic solution available that:

Clinically proven and safe, Colief is an all-natural dietary supplement that can help remedy the crying, soothing both colicky babies and stressed parents who often feel helpless to stop their baby's cries.